Why choose us?

We specialise in Sage200 to Xero migration but we have transferred accounts from other systems too and we are great at it.

Migrate to Xero with us and receive 2hs of free Xero training now.

Systems we migrate

Sage200 to Xero

Sage300 to Xero

Sage50 to Xero

Access Dimensions to Xero

Microsoft Dynamics to Xero

Xledger to Xero

Quickbooks to Xero

Pegasus Opera to Xero

Exchequer to Xero

FreeAgent to Xero

Kashflow to Xero

Farmplan to Xero

How does it work?

Discovery call

We will have few questions regarding your current system, information that will help us assess the size of the project and prepare a timeline. More information here.

Migration Budget

Once we know the size and characteristics of the data we will be able to send you a draft quote. 

Checking the data

It is important we check the data prior to signing the migration agreement. This is to make sure Xero will be suitable for your organisation.

You will be sent an NDA, prior to us accessing your data.

Prepare for migration

There are important aspects to consider before deciding on migration cut-off point (eg. VAT return, Month End).

We would normally suggest to migrate immediately after a quarter VAT submission. 

There are also few pre-migration steps which will be discussed with you prior to agreeing on a timeline.

Migrate your accounts

Depending on the size and complexity of the data the migration process usually takes between 3-10 working days.

The trasfer will be done on a Trial version of Xero, when ready, you will be provided Read-Only access to check the migration.

Our team will provide reconciliation reports Xero vs Old system and you will be made aware of any discrepancies, these can happen due to old system errors and deletions.

You will only pay if you are happy with the result, we do not require any advance prior to the migration.

Go live

On receipt of our fee, we will transfer the Xero subscription to your required email address.

Included in our service:

  • 30 days email support for anything related to the migration
  • we will assist with setting up of your bank feed
  • we will assist with preparation of your first VAT Return

What do we need to know?

Tell us about your data

Version of the system used?

You should be able to find out the version of your system by going to settings/about.

How is your system accessed at the moment?

Is your system on a local, remote desktop or cloud ?

How many years you would like transferring to Xero?

We recommend at least 2 financial years for comparison purposes, but we have transferred organisations with 20 years of data.

Are you using any of the below modules?

Stock, BOM, Projects, Cost Centres, Department, CIS.

Are you using other currencies?

The migration will be done using the local currency.

How many bank accounts are used for the considerred transferred period?

It is important we know how many bank accounts have been used, this includes any dummy bank accounts, Petty cash or Credit cards.

If VAT registered, when is the next VAT return due?

This will help decide when will it be best to migrate your accounts.

When does your system expire?

We would suggest to continue to have access to the old system until Go Live date, for reconciliation purposes.

How many transactions on average per month does the company have?

This would help us understand the size of your organisation and plan the migration.

Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data going to be replicated?

The simple answer is yes, but we do not transfer stock, deleted or nil transactions.

After migration is complete, can you train us to use Xero?

Yes, we also do Xero Training, get in touch for more details. We would love to show  you and your staff the best of Xero.

How long do you need to migrate my accounts?

Every migration is different but we usually need 3 to 10 working days to complete.

It all depends on the size and complexity of the accounts.

Can you transfer Cost centre and/or Departments?

Yes, we treat these as Xero Tracking, prepare yourself for beautiful reporting.

What happens with the Accounting periods?

Xero does not work with Accounting periods, you will have to choose between Transaction date and Posted Period. This will be decided prior to the migration.

Which other systems can you migrate to Xero?

We transfer accounts from Sage200, Access Dimensions, Xledger, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, Pegasus Opera, Sage50, Exchequer, Kashflow, FreeAgent, Quickbooks and Excel.

How many years of data can I transfer?

As many as you would like, but we suggest at least 2 for comparative purposes.

I already started using Xero, is this a problem?

We only transfer your accounts to a Trial version of Xero, but we are happy to help you transfer the current Xero data after the migration is complete.